Finding my creative expression through words

I started this world as a child hoping that I would write amazing books and create worlds to travel. That quickly got squashed and invaded by a realist mother and grammatical criticism. I left that dream until recently. Decades have passed and my heart burns ever more to share her secrets.

I will be writing about embarassment, failures, dreams, random thoughts, connections and new worlds.

Of course I would love known worldwide as, “one of the most soulful humourous writers of her day” so then all my haters can eat dog poop when they see my name in Book Store Windows. Ha. Well… at the very least, I would like a place to release my words and know that I tried. The pride in oneslf of knowing I will ALWAYS try. I aim for failure.

Some goals I have to increase my writing ability for 2019/2020:

*Take writing courses. Grammer especially.

*Create an inspiring space

*Write a minimum of once a week

*Share this publicly by Jan 2020 đŸ˜¬

Thank you for stopping by.


Published by Mellie Massey Woolsey

When you wake up at 33 and realize you were an artist all along... Finding my craft through messy endeavors. Creative writing from my heart. Humor, darkness, love and some awful content.

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