I am a River

In summer I am full and boistoruous with strong currents, cool and refreshing
In winter I am a light stream with a melodic song as my gift
I am ever changing and the only consistency is my inconsistent nature
When the world tries to stop me I thunderously carve rock into a breathtaking waterfall
If you navigate me well I can be serene and calm
Misunderstand or misjudge me and I can carry you away swiftly with rapids of destruction.

I wrote this a couple of years ago and kept it in my Evernote. I think of it often, as being compared to a River has help me navigate myself. I can help others experience me without fear or damage. I read this now and see errors. I see missing words and thoughts. I want to quiet that criticism, because this is where I started and I want to document it all. How will I know where I have improved, unless im willing to show up and brave it all?

Published by Mellie Massey Woolsey

When you wake up at 33 and realize you were an artist all along... Finding my craft through messy endeavors. Creative writing from my heart. Humor, darkness, love and some awful content.

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