My First Blog Post

Secret Admirer

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of mans desire to understand

— Neil Armstrong

This is the first post on my new blog!!! I owe alot of this initial execution to a mystery admirer. Not the kind of admirer that obsesses or loves me romantically. The kind of admirer I dreamt of without knowing I so deeply did.

I am not sure what my content will be. I am not sure what I will write, but write I will. I am backed by all the fears necessary to quit or never start. I may never have followers or other readers, and even then I know thats not true, I will have me.

So I will start this blog and maybe even one day end it being the sole writer and reader, and maybe through this, give myself the greatest gift.

Thank you Mr. C for my book you sent and the spark it ignited to start this blog.

Aug 18th 2019

Published by Mellie Massey Woolsey

When you wake up at 33 and realize you were an artist all along... Finding my craft through messy endeavors. Creative writing from my heart. Humor, darkness, love and some awful content.

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